About Us
Founded in 2015, Raimen Transport Agency provides more than just tourist attractions between Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, besides that we also provide hotel and attraction tickets booking. Who doesn't want to have a perfect travel? But, it may face a lot of unnecessary trouble that will totally ruins your trip such as hotel booking, arrange trips, transportation and etc or sometime the drivers are drive dangerously, tourist force you to buy local products, could not communicate with local people and more. We have face all of the trouble before, that's why we had established our own agency - Raimen Transport Agency, providing the most satisfying travel for every customer and let them experience the best chauffeur services. Whether it's the most popular place in recent times, places of interest, places to eat, visit, and fun-filled theme parks, Raimen can make everything possible to satisfy each travel trip, so you can just sit back and enjoy!
Unlike the others tourist company only follow the same path, Raimen gives you a private space all the way during your journey! You can stop anytime when you want to stop or rest, the schedule is flexible. Our team is quality assurance, proficient in Chinese and English language skills drivers, arrive in time, drive safely, and provide you with the most professional guidance services. Raimen is your tour guide as well as travel partner, we will follow your from the whole journey and assist you in everything. Do enjoy the local history and culture in your trip!
We offer a variety of car models from economy to luxury such as Toyota Innova, Toyota Alphard, Hyundai Starex. Apart from that, Raimen also provide business travel services for large company VIP guest and bus booking which up to 45 passengers.
Raimen was first established with only one car, today we have grown to become one of the leading transport agency with more than 6 cars together with a group of professional drivers. Thank you for everyone’s support. Let us travel to more places together and leave beautiful footprint.

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